On December 31st last year, a popular Harajuku model couple, Ryuchel (Ryuji Higa) and Peco (Tetsuko Ohikura) announced that they got married on a Japanese TV show, “Shiawase News 2016.”


Ryuchel and Peco appeared as a guest and at the beginning of the show, when the announcer said that they brought happy news today, Ryuchel and Peco stood up and announced that they just got married on December 28th.

Ryuchel said, “We wanted to announce about our marriage on our own. People say that marriage at 21 years old is too early but when I wonder what Peco was waiting for, I realized that I don’t have to wait anymore and decided to propose to her.” He added, “I proposed to her saying “I want you to become my princess.””


Peco said that she was really surprised but she said yes immediately. When they get asked where they want to go for honeymoon, Peco answered Los Angeles and Ryuchel also agreed that they want to go to Los Angeles.


Source: Model Press & J-Cast News


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