The start of Day 2 was a relatively fun one! Being that the panels we were set to cover weren’t until later in the day, it gave us time to explore the wonderful things Anime Expo has to offer! The first thing we got to explore was the main entrance to the expo hall where multitudes of cosplayers were gathered for photo-ops with photographers. Some of the cool cosplays we got to see included YoRHa No.2 Type B (2B) of the smash hit video game Nier Automata and Mei from Overwatch, Blizzard’s team-based online first person shooter game.

After getting some great photos of cosplayers, which can be viewed EXCLUSIVELY on our Facebook page, the team headed down to Artist Alley, located just below the exhibit hall and food court. Artist Alley is a fan favorite area as it has so much great fan art to offer. It really is a place for the fans, by the fans as artists cater to the needs of the expo-goers.

Soon after exploring the wonderful world of art, we headed over the the Entertainment Hall. The Entertainment Hall, open until 10PM in the West Hall, is a place where gamers could call home for the weekend. From the HUGE Blizzard Booth welcoming you as you enter the hall to the rows of consoles and arcade games where you could play to your heart’s content, its no wonder gamers spent almost all day there! The Entertainment Hall also offers cosplayers and photographers alike to take photos in some of the coolest sets! A favorite amongst cosplayers was the classroom set decorated with desks and a chalkboard. This was just some of what the Entertainment Hall has to offer so be sure to check it out!

Once the team was finished checking out all the latest Blizzard merchandise, we headed out to the panels we scheduled to check out. The panels were hosted at the J.W. Mariott, an opulent hotel located 10 minutes, by walking, away from LACC. The first panel of the day we got to check out was a Voice Actor’s panel. At the panel, several lucky fans were able to show off their voice acting skills, some of which had the audience erupt in laughter. It was a fun experience which allowed fans to see just how much work goes into the dubs of some of our favorite animes.

To end the day on a great note, the last panel we attended was the FLCL 2 & 3, primarily known as Fooly Cooly, with guests Production I.G.’s Maki Terashima-Furuta and Toonami’s Jason DeMarco. The room was filled at capacity as many fans have waited years for the anime to return, and finally, in 2018, that return will be made. The staff on stage had fun taking jabs at each other as they have known one another for many years. Fans were excited to hear the tracks for the acclaimed anime series will be produced by Japanese alternative rock band, The Pillows! Make sure to stay tuned for the release of FLCL 2 & 3 in 2018!

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