SixTONES, the popular Japanese boy band, has released their 10th single, “KOKKARA,” and it’s now available for streaming worldwide exclusively on YouTube and YouTube Music. The song is a perfect blend of disco, 90’s funk, and the band’s unique pop-rock sound, resulting in a fun and catchy track that will get you grooving.

The accompanying music video for “KOKKARA” showcases the members of SixTONES having a blast, whether they’re enjoying a meal at a diner, bowling, or dancing in an empty ballroom. The video highlights the band’s incredible chemistry, both on and off the dance floor, as they effortlessly move to the song’s infectious beat.

In addition to being a great party anthem, “KOKKARA” serves as the theme song for the new NTV drama “Passion for Punchlines,” which features SixTONES member Shintaro Morimoto and fellow Johnny’s artist Kaito Takahashi of King & Prince as real-life comedy duo Tarinai Futari.

Fans can look forward to the physical disc version of “KOKKARA” dropping on June 14th in Japan, which will feature additional bonus tracks and behind-the-scenes video extras.

Overall, SixTONES’ 10th single “KOKKARA” is a fun and funky addition to their growing discography, showcasing their versatility and musical prowess. With their infectious energy and undeniable talent, SixTONES is undoubtedly a group to watch out for in the J-pop scene.


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