STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION’s new song Session” will be R・O・N’s first ever digital single. STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION is the sound making project of R・O・N, who produces various sound contents and music including anime-themed songs for Food Wars!, Beyond the Boundary, Gangsta and so on.

The digital single had its track production, vocal recording, and produced completely at his own house during the COVID-19 stay home orders. The song started out as a fan participated project. “While the time spent at home was growing for everyone, I still wanted everyone to enjoy music even if it was for a little.” says R・O・N. 

By “Enjoy Music Together and Make Everyday Happy” being the theme, the original track sound was first revealed on YouTube for the fans to send in claps and instrumentation play alongs. The final track of the song is compiled and mixed with the fans’ sounds. 

Furthermore, the lyric had been written after fully digesting the messages received through the project. “I wanted to respond to the feelings of everyone who supported me”. Knowing that the song is connected with the artist and fans touches the heart. “Session” is a heartwarming song that was able to be born because of the current situations.

New Release Information:
Digital Limited Single
July 24th, 2020 (FRI) RELEASE
1. Session


STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION is the sound making project of songwriter/music producer  R・O・N, who produces various sound contents and music for varieties of popular Japanese artists and Anime.

R・O・N himself sings on the project’s songs but also welcomes guest vocalists and guest musicians actively with the style of having the flexibility to correspond to what the world is in demand. R・O・N has been reputable for his distinct programming arrangements with it being able to adapt to various genres of music along with his catchy and artistic sounds. R・O・N has over 100K listeners on his Spotify and his song “Chronos” has streamed over 1100K.


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