As anyone who follows the indie vkei scene for a period of time longer than two months, I have inevitably noticed that new bands have been picking more and more unusual names. While anyone who”s ever been in a band will tell you, picking a name that accurately represents what your band is about and who you are as musicians, some of these prompt the question… WHAT ON EARTH WERE THEY THINKING???


10. BUNNEIES – Enough said. They have songs with names like EmptyXTears and Darkness Color.


9. PLUNKLOCK – Wait, what? Members include Hello, Haruka, Pinky and Kazuki.

8. 0801弐209336 – Their name. How do you even say it???

7. Crazy★Shampoo – Again, enough said.

6. Dog In The Parallel World Orchestra – Often abbreviated as Dog In The PWO, this band enjoys some popularity amongst fans, and probably only exists to make people wonder, WHAT ON EARTH???

5. DragonWAPPPPPPER – Also somewhat popular, but for the love of Gackt and Hyde, how many more P”s do you need?

4. Oyuugi Wagamama Dan X【PaRADEiS】- Maybe in Japan, a name like this is not long or odd at all… maybe. Still, one has to wonder…

3. 404NotFound – nbso online casino reviews I give them credit for creative thinking, but can you imagine all the puns bound to come out of their song names?

2. Un=(XAG) – I”m not sure what the equation means, or if it even IS an equation. However, any band that releases a song called 拡声ディルド(kakusei dildo) is strange in my book.

1. COCKLOBIN – Probably my favorite out of this whole list. They are actually not bad. My favorite song from them is a six minute long ballad named Cock. That is all.

Most of these bands aren”t very long lived. Because of this, I have probably missed some gems that fell through the cracks due to early disbandment. If you think there are any that should be added to the list, comment below!

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  1. cocklobin~! I love cocklobin! 😀
    404NOTFOUND isn’t a visual kei band xD just a new band of somebody who was in a VK band and got sick of it. LOL
    1. BUMP OF CHICKEN. Seriously, WTF is a bump of chicken? XD
    2. Da’vidノ使徒:aL. Pronounced “dabide shito aeru”. It’s a pain in the butt to type.
    3. 少女-ロリヰタ-23区. “(Shoujo)-Loli(wi)ta-Nijuusanku”. Lolita23q for short. The stuff in parentheses is silent.

  2. the band call ‘D’ I mean with this short Google never know what you’re looking for!!

  3. OH GOD, when i read all of those weird names i was alike, is this seriously what visual kei has become? What are these people playing at? are they trying to make fun of visual kei with those NAMES? I hope they put it together and put appropriate names to their bands.

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