Cool as ice and stylish as ever, Travis Japan‘s latest music video, “T.G.I. Friday Night,” is now released and available for download and streaming worldwide on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and more!

Get the original (English) version here:
Get the Japanese version here:

【About the Single】
The first release since their wildly popular debut album “Road to A,” the danceable disco beat allows Travis Japan to prove what they were made for: movement. Popping with color, the music video shows a group ready to party it up and take you to heaven with an anthem guaranteed to get you on your feet.

“T.G.I. Friday Night” official music video

【Comment from member Genta “G” Matsuda
“T.G.I. Friday Night” was choreographed by the incredible st kingz, and we’re beyond grateful for their work on this amazing song! Thank you so much!
We’re truly thankful to s
t kingz for teaching us so many different expressions while still showcasing the best of Travis Japan. Both the song and the choreography are incredibly funky, poppy, and groovy, making it so much fun to listen to!
Please give it a listen and enjoy the magic created by s**t kingz and Travis Japan! They’re the best!


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