AmiAmi, Japan’s largest online figure and hobby store, is proud to announce the release of its first original song, “Figure Friend! AmiAmi!” The lyrics and music are written by Ryo Nagamatsu, who has worked on numerous well-known game music.

In addition to the “AmiAmi version,” which boldly features AmiAmi’s Magical Mascot Girl “Amico” by popular illustrator Riyo, the “Nagamatsu version” music video, which features the recording of the song with Marty Friedman and other famous artists, has also been released.

The music videos are scheduled to be uploaded on the AmiAmi YouTube channel and will be played at each Akihabara AmiAmi storefront from Friday, April 26, 2024, to commemorate the opening of the new large-scale AmiAmi Akihabara Figure Tower.

This is the first original music piece created by AmiAmi, whose mission is to connect anime/figure fans around the world. The lyrics and music were written by Ryo Nagamatsu, who has composed music for many well-known works. His works have a mix of familiar melodies and unique hooks, which is called “Nagamatsu-bushi” (people call).

X: 永松亮(Nagamatsu Ryo)@NagamatsuRyo


The AmiAmi version featuring “Amico” by popular illustrator Riyo-sensei is now on YouTube and featured at AmiAmi stores.
Riyo: Illustrator whose characteristically deformed drawings are popular even overseas.

Watch Figure Friend! AmiAmi on YouTube:




The “Nagamatsu ver.” music video featuring amazing artists has also been released!

Guitar: Marty Friedman
Former guitarist of the world-famous metal band MEGADETH, with tens of millions of copies sold worldwide.
He lives in Japan and has participated in numerous shows and productions, including a performance at the 2024 Tokyo Marathon.
Official website: Marty
X: Friedman@marty_friedman


Bassist: Wakazaemon
After playing in COLONANAMOLEMOMO, which was formed as a result of the world’s first band franchise conducted by Maximum the Hormone, she now plays as a member of the talented rock band East Of Eden.  She has also toured with Marty Friedman, who nominated her to participate in this recording.
X: Wakazaemon/Wakaemon @waka_lh
Instagram: waka_bass
East Of Eden Official Website: East Of Eden Official Fan Club “Paradise


Vocal: Saki Hayakawa (chan-saki)
She is the vocalist of the funk band Deepfunkun and has performed as a back-up vocal for many famous artists.
X: Saki Hayakawa (chan-saki) @22sakipponchi
Instagram: saki_hayakawa
Deep Funkun Official X: Deep Funkun @Deep_Funkun

あみあみ テーマ曲MV 「Figure Friend! AmiAmi 永松 Ver.」© Oh-ami Inc.



Music Videos are scheduled to be played on YouTube channel and at each Akihabara AmiAmi store front from Friday, April 26, 2024 to commemorate the opening of the new large-scale Amiami Akihabara Figure Tower.

An entire building filled with figures for a total of 8 floors! In conjunction with the grand opening of the new large-scale AmiAmi Akihabara Figure Tower, videos will be broadcast starting April 26, 2024 (Friday) at AmiAmi Akihabara stores (Radio Kaikan Store and Figure Tower)!

Special AmiAmi T-shirts autographed by each artist will be displayed at the AmiAmi Akihabara Figure Tower.

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Amico’s X:

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