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On March 29th, DearStage born Akiba-Pop idol group, Dempagumi.inc released their newest music video for the song “Ai ga Chikyuu Sukuunsa! Datte Dempagumi.inc wa Family desho”. The song is a part of their upcoming and 6th album of the same name, releasing April 15th 2020.

The music video begins with the girls beginning the song, but is cut abruptly by staff asking for them to read a sign. It reads that it’s a little sudden, but they have a quiz for the members. The girls start to get excited as it says it’s outside of the studio. They run off the set to see a starting point has been revealed and they have to read another sign. It asks the question, “Is the current Dempagumi.inc 6 members?” 

From there the up-beat tune continues and the 6 members take off! 

Fujisaki Ayane, also known as Pinky, grabs what looks to be the obvious answer, that yes! Dempagumi.inc is in fact 6 members. However a shocked Naruse Eimi, or Eitaso, answers “False” which ends up being the correct answer.  As the song implies, Dempagumi.inc is a family that includes past members, staff and the fans who have helped through the years.


The music video shows the girls going through a variety of challenges while playfully singing and dancing at the camera. What makes this music video special is many fans applied to take part in a rare opportunity of being included. We’re given a nostalgic scene of a notoriously “traumatic” (as tweeted by former member, Yumemi Nemu after seeing the music video) challenge that the girls faced in the past and must try to conquer again. As long as they’re together, they can conquer any difficulties they have to face.

Overall, the song is exciting and gives a classic “Dempagumi” feeling with rapid lyrics and a tempo that’s almost too fast to keep up with. Whether this is your first exposure to the group or you’ve been following them since they were first working the cafe and bar in Akihabara, it’s a fun song with boundless energy and seeing them doing their best at the challenges can bring a smile to anyone having a bad day.


Dempagumi.inc is an idol group formed in 2008 under the DearStage Akihabara Cafe and bar. Each member is a known otaku in a specific genre. They are currently under the label Toy’s Factory Inc. and are a greatly influential group in the idol world. In their career, they have performed around the world, appeared in various commercials and television programs, done anime openings and endings, as well as starred in movies and television series’. Despite their huge popularity, from time to time they will still make reappearances at DearStage. 


Dempagumi.inc’s Official Site: https://dempagumi.tokyo/
Dempagumi.inc’s Twitter:https://twitter.com/dempagumi



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