This Sunday is Easter, but we can’t egg hunt because of COVID 19 Paramedic.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Switch can be a big savior for your family, and a lot of others amid the coronavirus pandemic Stay-at-home order.

Nintendo had hinted that future updates to the game were on the horizon, and the company announced the first one coming April 1 to 12: A Bunny Day egg festival.

According to a Nintendo Direct Mini video, you’ll be able to dig and fish for eggs around the island, meet Zipper the bunny, and craft a bunch of egg-themed things.

Zipper T. Bunny has visited your island village already, and even if you didn’t meet him on April 1, you’ve certainly seen all the Bunny Day eggs tucked in trees, floating in the sky and hidden underground.

What is Bunny Day?

Bunny Day is Animal Crossing’s version of Easter, but its announcement on April 1 also welcomed the beginning of spring on your island. Some trees are turning pink, cherry blossoms float through the air, and new species of bugs and fish are finding their home on your island. So pretty! We can enjoy spring in the animal crossing’s fantasy world.

What’s more, Bunny Day will bring a few surprises. First, the true identity of Zipper T. Bunny is still a mystery. Perceptive players noticed the zipper on the back of his costume, meaning he isn’t just another anthropomorphic animal like the other denizens of your island. Second, he said a surprise was in store for any player determined enough to craft every unique Bunny Day item.

Why haven’t I seen Zipper T. Bunny?

If you weren’t playing on April 1, you might have missed the big yellow bunny. But if you were playing Animal Crossing on the first, and still didn’t spot the furball, it’s possible that you missed the software update that brought Bunny Day to your island. So, make sure your version of Animal Crossing is the most recent before starting up the game. (Go to System Settings System Auto-Update Software > On.)

What types of eggs are there, and where we can find them?

Zipper says he’s hidden six types of painted eggs across the island, and it’s your job to find all of them. Some are easier to spot than others, though, so here’s the list:

  • Sky Eggs float on rainbow-colored balloons above the island
  • Stone Eggs pop out of rocks when you strike them with a shovel or ax
  • Leaf Eggs fall from trees when you shake them
  • Wood Eggs pop out of tree trunks when you strike them with an ax
  • Water Eggs can be hooked from the ocean or rivers just like fish
  • Earth Eggs can be dug from sections of cracked ground just like fossils

Which Bunny Day recipes do we have to craft?

More recipes are showing up every day — on balloons, washed ashore in bottles and handed over by helpful villagers — but here’s our ongoing list of Bunny Day recipes we’ve discovered so far, along with their requirements.

  • Bunny Day stool: 3 Water
  • Bunny Day table: 4 Earth
  • Bunny Day wardrobe: 4 Stone
  • Bunny Day vanity: 4 Leaf
  • Bunny Day bed: 1 of each
  • Bunny Day lamp: 4 Wood
  • Bunny Day merry balloons: 1 Earth, 1 Leaf, 1 Sky
  • Bunny Day festive balloons: 1 Stone, 1 Wood, 1 Water
  • Bunny Day wall clock: 3 Sky
  • Bunny Day glowy garland: 1 of each
  • Bunny Day wreath: 1 of each
  • Bunny Day wall: 2 of each
  • Bunny Day flooring: 2 of each
  • Bunny Day rug: 1 of each
  • Earth-egg shell: 2 Earth
  • Earth-egg outfit: 3 Earth
  • Earth-egg shoes: 2 Earth
  • Stone-egg shell: 2 Stone
  • Stone-egg outfit: 3 Stone
  • Stone-egg shoes: 2 Stone
  • Leaf-egg shell: 2 Leaf
  • Leaf-egg outfit: 3 Leaf
  • Leaf-egg shoes: 2 Leaf
  • Wood-egg shell: 2 Wood
  • Wood-egg outfit: 3 Wood
  • Wood-egg shoes: 2 Wood
  • Sky-egg shell: 2 Sky
  • Sky-egg outfit: 3 Sky
  • Sky-egg shoes: 2 Sky
  • Water-egg shell: 2 Water
  • Water-egg outfit: 3 Water
  • Water-egg shoes: 2 Water
  • Egg party hat: 2 of each
  • Egg party dress: 3 of each
  • Bunny Day crown: 1 of each
  • Bunny Day bag: 1 of each
  • Bunny Day fence: 1 of each

Please enjoy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bunny Day and Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Stay Happy.

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