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Tomoya Kanki, the drummer of Japanese rock band, One Ok Rock, better known as “Tomoya”, has been accused of having a repeated sexual relationship 7 years ago with a female high school student who was only 16 years old back then. Photo and text proofs are made public as well.

It is reported that this sexual relationship lasted 8 months, from August 2011 to April 2013. The then high school student met Tomoya at a bar run by a common acquaintance of both. The bar is said to be a frequent spot of bands like One Ok Rock for afterparties. Young girls would often be invited by the bar owner for such occasions and the female high schooler was one of these girls. After the party, Tomoya asked the female “Would you like to come to my place” and a sexual relationship has be maintained between the two since that night.

According to that female, some extreme sexual activities have been performed such as strangling and video shooting.

The relationship is ended by Tomoya after the female graduated from high school in 2013. It is said that Tomoya expressed his wish to “end this in a clean way”. In 2017, Tomoya announced his marriage.

After the report came out, Tomoya posted an apology message on the Japanese official website of One Ok Rock. He apologized to the female involved in this report and said he was very immature at the time. This message is not posted on the English site.

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