The prominent (and largely-numbered) Japanese pop group EXILE has been a staple in the J-Pop world for years now.

The group’s lead dancer, Usa, has taken it upon himself in the past few years to travel the world and research, experience, and teach about the art of dance. He has visited numerous countries and explored what it means to “dance” in each respective culture, in an effort to fully appreciate the art. Check out this lengthy article describing his journey.

As he puts it, “I felt the sense of people connected with each other in spite of the differences in skin colors, nationalities, or languages, and it made me realize that all peoples in the world have their own dance, and that led me to have a dream to ride the rhythms all over the world,” he says.

He felt the urge to travel and explore as a result of going to Cuba for a magazine article, when he was “struck by the global power of dance”.

He’s traveled all over the globe, written books about his experience, released several DVD’s of his adventures, and plans on continuing it indefinitely, at least as long as his body allows.

I think this is a remarkable story, and we should all be lucky enough to have the opportunity to go on such a journey around the world. Usa has obviously found a calling in his life, at least outside of his EXILE-related duties, and it is one that seems supremely enjoyable and uplifting.

I just had to share this once I came across it.

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