People give not only chocolates but also various things for Valentine’s day gift in Europe and the United States. But in Japan, I think chocolate is probably the mainstream of Valentine’s gifts, so I would like to introduce a very artistic and unique French pastry chef who has shops in Japan, Sebastian Bouillet.

Sebastian Bouillet is a very artistic pastry chef who has the head shop in Lyon, France, and he has five shops in Japan.

The various pastries that he creates have the idea of being “flexible and novel,” and his creative and unique creation of pastries always make people surprise and smile.

By incorporating a wide variety of inspirations and expertise cultivated visitations of various countries, including Japan, he has been continuing to make pastries suited to Japanese culture with the French spirits.

Sebastian aims to be a true artistic craftsman.

His shop recreates a chocolate factory with a factory-style interior displaying chocolate flowing on the screen on the wall.

He says, “It’s a bit modern, but the basic idea is traditional,” but he is interested in everything, and he creates unique and creative pastries that he is trying new things.

Sebastian has been creating a variety of flexible and innovative pastries that can only create by being “greedy more than anyone.”

Sebastian Bouillet always has the desire to continue to evolve as a confectioner and to deepen his knowledge. With the driving force of “greedy,” he always aims to make pastries that incorporate new technologies and modes.

Sebastian Bouillet Website

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