Ishihara Satomi is one of the hottest actresses in Japan right now, and is greatly popular among both men and women! If you’re a fan of Japanese dramas or movies, you’ve probably seen her around, since she’s starred as the heroine in the film Attack on Titan and the recent drama 5-ji kara 9-ji made.

What may be surprising is the fact that she does much of her makeup on her own, even for photo shoots! She asks stylists for advice, and applies such tips to create her distinct look. Locari summarized the young actress’ beauty techniques for girls to follow!

ISHIHARA_SATOMI_PUNI_PUNI_GIF_05(1)She won’t give you this gummy, but she’ll give you beauty tips!



Satomi has commented that moisture for the skin is an absolute must for femininity. She makes sure to moisturize her skin throughout the year, using a humidifier to adjust the humidity in her room. If you’re in the U.S., Target sells a great variety of humidifiers for cheap prices, so definitely check it out!

star-wars-humidifierNo, I only want this R2-D2 humidifier to be Satomi. That’s the only reason.


Satomi makes sure to clean off her makeup right after coming home from work! This way, you won’t fall asleep while still wearing makeup. (Never a good idea.) For eye makeup, use a Q-tip to thoroughly wipe it all off.


For makeup removal, Satomi uses cleansing gels instead of liquids. Her favorite cleansing gel is E-Special’s Cleansing Gel. Although I use a different brand, gels are definitely the way to go to get your makeup off and take care of your skin!


Skin Toner, Lotion, and Serum

Satomi chooses moist skin toners and serum, and is careful to make use of these products each time. When you get out of the shower, don’t just rub on the toner. Be sure to let it sink in to moisturize your skin!

Skin damage recovers during the night, so she takes especially good time on cleansing, and uses two types of highly moisturized cream at the end. Remember, nighttime is an important time to recover and refresh!

Print e-special-moistureCheck out the above two products from E-Special!

For shoots under the bright sun or in dry conditions, Satomi makes sure to drink lots of water and spray some water on herself to maintain the moisture.


The young actress utilizes honey as a beauty technique. She licks a spoonful of honey after taking a bath, and also rubs a bit of honey onto her skin. Your pores are still open right after you take a shower, so it’s the perfect time to moisturize! This is a techinique that is easy to try out!

POOH_HONEY_GIF_03Turns out Pooh isn’t the only one in love with honey.



Satomi strives for good sleep quality, and is always in search for nice bedding. Good sleep means skin recovery, so she values this aspect very much.

Remember, 10:00 P.M. – 02:00 A.M. is known to be the “golden time” to refresh your body, so don’t try to stay up too late!


Lip Care

Ishihara Satomi is especially popular for her charming lips! Why do the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge when you can have lips like these?


Satomi uses a scrub to massage care her lips before going to sleep. Depending on her lip’s conditions, she occasionally changes her lip cream as well. She’s been using the brand Avibon’s lip cream, which is basically a rich load of Vitamin A! Lucky for us, we can purchase Avibon online.

Locari has another section about Ishihara Satomi’s makeup techniques, but I’d like to save that for another day. Hopefully this article has allowed you to learn about some beauty tips to try out at home!


Source: Locari

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