News from the vivid world of Japanese pop music today as なにわ男子 (Naniwa Danshi), a 7-member all-male rising pop act from the famed agency Johnny & Associates, celebrates the launch of their own dedicated YouTube Channel and the release of the music video for their debut single 初心LOVE (UBU LOVE, “beginner’s love”).

To mark the occasion, Naniwa Danshi invites fans from around the world to participate in a special YouTube Shorts campaign! With the hashtag #みんなで初心LOVE (pronounced “minna de ubu love,” or “all together, beginner’s love”), fans can create their own Shorts videos featuring the song, led by examples made by the boys themselves for the new channel.

Those who would like to participate will find the track as an option in the YouTube Shorts music library; from which they can add a snippet of their choice as customizable background music to their own #Shorts.

The group looks forward to bringing together audiences across the internet with the campaign, and to helping fans, both current and new, discover this fun and interactive way to express their creativity alongside Naniwa Danshi.

Naniwa Danshi’s YouTube Channel:

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