Kazuya Kamenashi from the record-breaking JPOP music group KAT-TUN stars in the romantic thriller scripted drama “Destiny,” now rolling out overseas on NETFLIX!

Watch on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/title/81772321
*Available first in East Asia, Thailand, and English-speaking territories with more to follow. Each new episode will be uploaded the day after domestic broadcast.

In this drama, Prosecutor Kanade Nishimura, played by veteran actress Satomi Ishihara, reunites with her former college lover, Maki Nogi, (Kamenashi), after 12 years. This reunion opens the door to an event from their youth that had been sealed away, leading them to be tossed around by the waves of a “fate” spanning 20 years.

【Statement from Kazuya Kamenashi (KAT-TUN)】

It has been nine years since I appeared in a TV Asahi drama, last being “Second Love” (2015), so I was honored to be approached by Producer Nakagawa, with whom I worked then. The grand scale of “traveling through 20 years” and the fact that Ishihara-san is the lead made me feel like saying, “I’ll do my best!”.

I’ve appeared with Ishihara-san on variety shows before, and I always felt that she brings a sense of flexibility along with a firm commitment to her work. It’s a coincidence that we both go to the same hair salon.

In the many years we’ve been involved in the acting profession, I felt that there was some significance in finally working together in a play. When we actually worked together, she was just as I imagined, approaching the work with leadership and passion, which makes her a wonderful actor whom you can trust and follow.

Furthermore, I’ve felt her warmth and kindness as a person, which deepened my initial impression of her. I think there’s something in Ishihara-san’s portrayal of Kanade’s sincerity that resonates with her own personality.

Ms. Yoshida’s script allows me to immerse myself in the dialogue and situations, and by doing so, I naturally reach the final destination. It’s like being able to “jump up on my own” with the power of the “flow” that Ms. Yoshida has written, giving me a strange sensation to savor.

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