Get ready to groove as Snow Man unleashes their 9th single, “Dangerholic“! The infectious big band mashup infused with pop-rock elements is now available for streaming exclusively on YouTube and YouTube Music!

“Dangerholic” is a thrilling concoction of big band energy with a dash of pop rock, showcasing Snow Man’s versatility and boundless creativity. The fusion of these genres results in a fast-paced track that not only captivates the ears but also energizes the soul.

“Dangerholic” is the theme song for the new TBS drama “Trillion Game,” starring a group member, Ren Meguro. The show is set to stream on Netflix worldwide very soon!

Immerse yourself in the epic MV where the Snow Man members engage in a Jumanji-style board game, facing off against a formidable corporate lion and his cunning feline assistants. Prepare to be enthralled by outrageously outlandish comic scenarios and mesmerizing dance sequences that showcase Snow Man’s exceptional talents.

The physical CD of “Dangerholic” will be released on September 6, 2023. You can find the CD at various stores where Japanese music is sold. Excitingly, the CD comes in three different versions, each containing additional songs and exclusive behind-the-scenes video content.

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