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You can now enjoy makeup time with cute bear friends! Popular eye makeup brand, Love Liner and Rilakkuma collaborated to create “Love Liner Liquid Eyeliner R3 ‘Rilakkuma’ Limited Design,” which has been on sale from mid-April. The limited collab item is only available for purchase in-store at Don Quijote stores across Japan, with the exception of some stores.

The eyeliner, popular for being smooth, easy-to-use and long lasting, is now available with the adorable Rilakkuma and his friends on the package and bottle. The 0.1mm brush hairs create a brush super thin, that is easy to draw on any eye shape. The balance between the smooth waterproof liquid and the extra skinny brush produce flawless lines every use. To make application even easier, the bottle is made of weighted aluminum to prevent shaky hands when drawing. The liner is waterproof, smudge proof, remains perfect for many hours, and even contains minerals to care for your delicate lids.

The collaboration eyeliner comes in 3 colors: Black, Dark Brown, and Brown. The black color is a great choice for bold and presence-defining looks, while the browns are ideal for more natural or trendy looks. The color variation allows for buyers to choose the perfect fit for their own unique styles. Which color would you choose?

Enjoy makeup time with Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, Chairoikoguma and Kiiroitori with this new, hot, trendy item!


{ove Liner Liquid Eyeliner R3 “Rilakkuma” Limited Design
Types: 3 colors (Black/Dark Brown/Brown)
Price:¥1,600 (tax excluded)
Release date: Mid-April 2020, Now on sale
Can be purchased at: Don Quijote stores (in-store only, with the exception of some stores)


Source: https://fortune-girl.com/cosmenews/157Bu http://www.san-x.co.jp/blog/rilakkuma/2020/04/post-3212.html



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