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You’ve heard of idol boys, actor boys, and even rapper boys. But what about villain boys?

With the recent craze of all kinds of anime boy games, even Disney has hopped in to create their own take of an interactive story game that involves. Disney and Aniplex worked together to adapt villains from popular films such as Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid and more into ikemen boys of a new design. The characters were designed by Yana Toboso, who is mostly known for writing popular manga series Black Butler.

The story begins with the main character being transported into Night Raven College, a magic school, through a magical mirror.  The main character, possessing no magic ability, was transported by mistake and is unable to be transported back. Until the headmaster of the school, Dire Crowley, finds a way to return you home, you are to spend your days as a student at the College along with your monster sidekick you met along the way. The school consists of 7 dorms, each based on major Disney films. Even the staff at the school are based on villains from different films. Do any seem familiar to you?

The game play is simple, and revolves mostly around battles and rhythm mini games. For the in-story battle portion, you must level-up your cards to be able to fight the increasingly higher level bosses of each story. The rhythm portion is also in-story, and it becomes significant for tasks such as chasing down a runaway monster or even cooking up a meal. The soundtrack for the rhythm portion and the game as a whole give off a mysterious and gothic theme that many find can find enjoyable.

The game is available on both the Japanese iOS and Google Play stores and their official website can be accessed here: https://twisted-wonderland.aniplex.co.jp/.
For non-Japanese speaking players, a helpful wiki site can be accessed here: https://twisted-wonderland.fandom.com/wiki/Guidebook.

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Source: https://twisted-wonderland.aniplex.co.jp/


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