Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi had an opportunity to check out the Maid Cafe at Anime Expo 2017.
Ayame, Peace, and Yuno from Maidreamin amazed the crowd with their adorable performance at the cafe.
Here are some of the photos we shot at the event!

Ayame and Peace greeted each of the masters and princesses into the cafe.

Yuno, the newest of the three girls, made sure all of our drinks tasted extra delicious.

Maidreamin showed their idol side, performing songs including the AX2017 theme song!

The merchandise booth included a variety of items, including the adorable tote bag that Peace designed!

Fans were able to receive autographs from the girls.

Be sure to check out Maidreamin’s music!

A special shoutout to @idol_ga_daisuki and the others for hyping up the performance!

Here are a few shots of the girls working at the merchandise booth!

Masters and princesses were able to enjoy shooting photos with Maidreamin.

We hope to see Maidreamin next year at Anime Expo again!

Official Site: Maidreamin

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