Ren Meguro, a member of the popular boy band Snow Man, attended the 31st Hashida Awards ceremony on May 10th. He was recognized for his outstanding performances in the drama series “Silent” on Fuji TV and the morning drama “Maiagare!” on NHK and was awarded the Newcomer Award.

In particular, Meguro received the award for his excellent portrayal of a character with hearing impairment in “Silent”, which earned him a lot of praise. He proudly stated, “I am very happy to receive this honorable award. The drama ‘Maiagare!’, in which I made my debut, provided me with many unforgettable experiences. I believe that ‘Silent’ is a work that could move everyone’s hearts.”

Furthermore, Meguro said, “I was also moved by the drama myself. It was truly an honor to be able to play the role of So Sakura in that world. As a character who uses sign language, I had to memorize not only my own sign language but also the sign language of my co-star, and every day was challenging. However, I am glad that my hard work paid off when I received feedback like ‘I was moved’ and ‘I am influenced’ and even received an award. I am happy to have gained another life experience today.”



The Hashida Award, established in 1993, recognizes and supports programs and individuals who have touched the hearts and minds of the Japanese people and promoted interaction between them. The recipient is chosen based on recommendations from each television station, monitors, and the Hashida Cultural Foundation Selection Committee. In addition to the main prize of a clock, the recipient is also presented with a prize money of one million yen.


Source: Oricon News, Natalie Music

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