Zee Boon just opened rental “Alice in Wonderland” and “Witchcraft School” themed meeting rooms. Under the concept that people can generate more creative ideas in an extraordinary space, they built these fantasy meeting rooms.



In a “Witchcraft School” themed meeting room, it looks like a classroom at witchcraft school and they placed a crown and sword in the center. In an “Alice in Wonderland” themed meeting room, there is an Alice in Wonderland inspired artwork all over the wall and animals or playing cards’ animation will be projected as well.




Zee Boon states that people can have more productive meetings or seminars by using extraordinary set and aroma to excite the senses. They also built in a huge screen, speakers and wifi network.


It costs 30,000 yen per hour and it’s inside of New Chiyoda building in Tokyo. The capacity for “Alice in Wonderland” themed meeting room is 46 people and the capacity for “School of Witchcraft” themed meeting room is 54 people.




Zee Boon’s Official Website


Source: N Lab

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