Snow Man is s making waves with their latest track, LOVE TRIGGER. You can catch this catchy, dance-worthy tune streaming worldwide exclusively on YouTube and YouTube Music!

Snow Man「LOVE TRIGGER」Music Video

A high-energy dance track echoing hints of disco, LOVE TRIGGER is the leading track from Snow Man’s upcoming double A-side 10th single. It’s the theme song for the action comic drama “Koisuru Keigo 24 Ji” starring member Hikaru Iwamoto as a brooding bodyguard. The music video also shows off his signature choreography and trademark sexy, fast-paced footwork.

The physical disc will be released on February 14th, 2024. You can find the CD at various stores where Japanese music is sold. Excitingly, the CD comes in three different versions, each containing additional songs and exclusive behind-the-scenes video content.


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