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a few sentimental’ by Kohana Lam – the ending theme song from the anime series ‘The Dangers in My Heart’ – has been released on multiple streaming and download services!

Kohana Lam’s ‘a few sentimental’ was produced by KERENMI, the alter-ego project of Koichi Tsutaya. The lyrics capture the essence of the original ‘The Dangers in My Heart’ manga series, known in Japan as ‘Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu’. With a warm sound that conveys the burning of adolescent hearts, the song explores the emotions we all feel when passing from childhood to adulthood, the distance we may feel from the opposite sex, and the characters’ inability to control their complex feelings.

A video showing the ending theme from ‘The Dangers in My Heart’ with the end credits removed is available now on NUMAnimation’s YouTube channel.


The anime series ‘The Dangers in My Heart’ is based on the hit romantic comedy manga by Norio Sakurai, serialized in ‘Manga Cross’ (Akita Shoten). It ranked in the Men’s category of the revered ‘Kono Manga ga Sugoi!’ (‘This Manga is Amazing!’) annual book series for two years running; it also won first place in both the Web Manga category of the Next Manga Awards 2020 and the Manga We Want to See Animated ranking. The manga series has sold a cumulative 3 million copies to date, and with the release of every new edition, it enters the trending charts on social media.

In addition, a music video for ‘a few sentimental’ was also set for Premiere release on Kohana Lam’s official YouTube channel on April 17. The music video features Kohana Lam’s first ever attempt at acting, creating a drama-style video based upon the setting of the original ‘The Dangers in My Heart’ series. Be sure to check out the music video!


Listen to ‘a few sentimental’ on Streaming Sites: https://kohanalam.lnk.to/a_few_sentimental



About Kohana Lam
Kohana Lam has been posting music to her official YouTube channel since September 2019. Her songs are filled with emotion that pierces the hearts of all who hear them, and her deeply expressive singing voice has won a legion of fans, sparking comments on social media such as “Her songs are so emotional that when I hear them I can’t help but cry” and “Her singing voice goes from the verge of hysteria to fading into hushed silence, and it gives me goosebumps”. Within one year of her major label debut, her YouTube channel had accrued over 400,000 subscribers. In the February 2023 edition of Nikkei Entertainment! published on January 4, she was included in the 100 New Leading Talents of 2023 special feature, cementing her position as a hot breakthrough artist for the year ahead.


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