Red:birthmark’, the latest single from Japanese artist AiNA THE END, has been selected as the ending theme tune for season 2 of the hit anime series ‘Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury’. Written and produced by TK from the band Ling tosite sigure, ‘Red:birthmark’ is a passionate rock song that combines a sharply honed sound with AiNA’s emotional singing voice. This track is not to be missed!

Comment from AiNA THE END
“Hi, it’s AiNA THE END here. I got to sing the ending theme for ‘Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury’. I often feel conflict arising within me, and there are times when I can’t go on without overcoming them. Within this song that TK wrote for me, I felt the strength to face up to such pain and to coexist with it, sending shivers through my body. I awakened the girlishness and the stagnation that exist inside me, and tried to incorporate them into my voice. The power of Gundam has filled me with fascination and presented me with a new challenge, and I’m so grateful for this precious opportunity. I hope I have been able to add one more flower to ‘Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury’. Thank you for everything.”

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AiNA THE END is a member of BiSH, known as “the punk band that doesn’t play any instruments”. With AiNA’s instinctive husky voice and emotional performance, her power of expression is highly admired by audiences. Her first solo album ‘THE END’ was released on February 3, 2021. The album consists of 12 songs, with lyrics written and composed by AiNA during a production process that lasted about a year.


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