The Korean boy group TRENDZ confirmed its long-awaited return with the single album NEW DAYZ, in an exclusive audiovisual prologue. The release is scheduled for March 14 and the album will include the tracks ‘Nightmare‘, the homonymous ‘NEW DAYZ’, and ‘Fantasy’. The concept pictures were released at the beginning of this month and the visual prologue mood film shows the artists’ new image.

The visual concept of TRENDZ’s new era has modern and urban references that show the central message of the title track ‘NEW DAYZ’. The cinematographic teaser shows HANKOOK in an empty classroom and indicates that this MV will be different from the ones released previously, with a deep plot and exploring the members’ acting skills.

‘NEW DAYZ’, the title track of this comeback that will also receive a music video, has strong references to punk pop with guitars that build the atmosphere of perseverance transmitted by the song. While ‘Nightmare’, the first track of the mini-album, has strong lyrics, with influences of Dark R&B, POP, and ethereal beats which encapsulate the concept of the comeback. The last track, ‘Fantasy’, is built with different beats that wrap up the group’s final message in this new project.

The public excitingly received the news and fans are already making theories about TRENDZ’s big comeback. Fans worldwide will increase even more their curiosity in the following days.

According to the official schedule released on the group’s social media, today fans will be able to hear a little of what will come on the album through the highlight medley video. And tomorrow, make more theories about the release with the last set of concept photos. While the music video will be out on the 14th, the single album ‘NEW DAYZ’ will be available on March 15 at 6 PM (KST) on all streaming platforms.

The group is managed by Global H Media and debuted in January 2022 with the hit ‘TNT (Truth&Trust)’. With strong visuals and powerful performances, the artists soon revealed how their future releases would be: full of talent and versatility. The comeback aims to highlight even more TRENDZ as a trendsetter group with innovative concepts.

1 – Nightmare
3 – Fantasy


TRENDZ (represents trends and innovation) is managed by Global H Media and consists of seven members: HAVIT, LEON, YOONWOO, HANKOOK, ra.L, EUNIL and YECHAN. The group debuted on January 5th, 2022, with the single ‘TNT (Truth&Trust)’. Only a year later, the group released two mini-albums and is preparing to release the second single album, NEW DAYZ. In every release, TRENDZ shows its trendsetter position in the musical industry and conquers more fans and admirers worldwide.

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