I swear this isn’t a Lady Gaga blog, but she keeps doing things that involve Japan, so….

The picture up top is a traditional cover of Vogue Magazine, featuring Madonna on the cover. The new issue of Vogue Japan, however, is a bit more…colorful. Click here to see it if you want, but be warned there’s a lot of…read meat. Yes, RED MEAT on the cover.

The new issue features a cover image of Lady Gaga posing in a bikini made out of red meat.

There aren’t really words for this, as she keeps finding ways to surprise people with her outfits and “fashion” sense and all that…this sounds like it was just intended to offend members of various animal rights factions and/or vegetarians worldwide, which I’m sure it has/will.

I just had to share it since it’s so….weird. yeah.

–Adrian G.

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