So remember a food review I did last week about the two Myojo tonkotsu noodle? Well since I was very unsatisfied, I went out and bought another tonkotsu cup noodle from a different brand.

TAAADAAAAAA- Tonkotsu Ramen from Acecook

When I opened the lid, there was only one packet.  This packet had soup and dried veggies. I poured hot water and waited for 3mins and DONE!

Smelled really good! Hope did time, its as good as it looks-

mogumogu… mogumogu(sound of me eating)…. OISHIIIIIII 🙂 Tonkotsu Ramen from Acecook is good! Much, MUCH better than the one from Myojo.  Well the Myojo one got my standards to be very low so I felt like this Acecook one was very tasty. I got this Tonkotu Ramen from a local Asian super market.  What’s your favorite cup noodle?

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