Who watched the most sensational anime of this season, Pop Team Epic?! This anime, Pop Team Epic has been attracting so much attention from anime lovers for their unique and off-beat humor since the very first moment when it aired on TV. This time, they announced two merchandises that help you to become one of their main characters, Popuko, produced by ACOS.

Hoodie that You Can Become Popuko

This is a hoodie that you can become Popuko anytime you want! It’s baggy unisex size, and it’s good for roomwear or anime events. The price is 9,000 yen.

Popuko’s Desire for Self-Display

This item represents Popuko’s desire for self-display. It’s dangerous to throw, so please use it as a pillow. The price is 4,000 yen.

They will be available at any ACOS and Animate shops in Japan. Popuko’s hoodie will be on sale on June 21st and Popuko’s pillow will be on sale on April 19th.


Source: Animate Times




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