Awesoommmeeeee!! I don’t know if this is a woman thing, but anything that mixes almond and chocolate is a thumbs up. Now, don’t let the ‘bitter’ scare you in the title, because this tastes like milk chocolate to me. Now, I  think that Kit-Kat was going for a ‘more mature’ Kit-Kat with this brand because the bars are wrapped in SOLID GOLD. Well, solid gold plastic wrapping. I don’t know, but I was impressed. AND I feel like an adult. Thank you, Kit-Kat, your grown-up bitter almond bars with a touch of almond crunch are perfect for my adult work-snack break time. The crisp is refreshingly light with a hint of almond, the chocolate is mild with jus the right amount of chunks of almond, and there is nothing for me to complain about. Great Success!

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  1. This one is yummi , liek most of the flavors which are only released in Japan. The Framboise was also quite nice 🙂

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