FRUITS ZIPPER, a 7-member idol group, will be performing at A-Kon this summer!

FRUITS ZIPPER is a Harajuku-based idol group that has been gaining consistent momentum ever since their debut in 2022!
The group debuted from KAWAII LAB., an idol project created by ASOBISYSTEM to spread the kawaii Japanese idol culture to the world.

It’s only been a bit over one year since their debut, and they are already highly popular among the young generation of Japan with their hit single “わたしの一番かわいいところ (Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro)” reaching BillBoards’ TikTok Weekly Top 20!



The group also recently released their 11th digital single, “超めでたいソング ~こんなに幸せでいいのかな?~ (Cho Medetai Song ~Konnani Shiawase de Iinokana~)” just yesterday.
Although they haven’t released a music video for the song yet, you can preview the live version of the song here:



As you can see in the videos above, FRUITS ZIPPER’s songs bring out the ultimate “kawaii” side of Japanese idols!
Their performance at A-Kon will be one that you can’t miss!

A-Kon is the longest continually running anime convention in the U.S.
This year, the convention will be held from June 2 (Friday) until June 4 (Sunday) in Irving, Texas.

This will be the first time FRUITS ZIPPER performs in the U.S.
Their cute style, music, and choreography will surely bring smiles to the audience.
We can’t wait to see what the group has in store for us!


A-Kon Website:

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