Fuji TV is set to take fans on a thrilling ride with its upcoming live-action adaptation of the popular manga series, Ya Boy Kongming!. Starring Osamu Mukai as the iconic General of the Three Kingdoms, Shokatsu Komei (Zhuge Liang), the show is expected to air this fall. The series follows Komei’s adventures as he struggles to adapt to the wild party culture of modern-day Tokyo, having wished for a peaceful world on his deathbed. Directed by Shuhei Shibue and written by Nonji Nemoto, the show promises to be a spectacular display of entertainment.

Originally serialized on Comic Days in 2019, Ya Boy Kongming! has become a sensation, with its unique blend of historical fiction, comedy, and drama. Since November 2021, the series has been serialized in Young Magazine (Kodansha), with up to 13 compiled volumes published. Furthermore, an anime adaptation of the series was released in 2022.

Fans of the manga and anime series are eagerly anticipating the live-action adaptation of Ya Boy Kongming!. With its intriguing premise of a historical figure being transported to modern-day Tokyo, the show is expected to offer a refreshing take on the fascinating story. The upcoming series is sure to attract new fans while keeping existing fans on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting its premiere this fall.



Ya Boy Kongming! Anime Official Trailer


Source: Comic Natalie

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