Sorry we’re a little late, but here’s some cool pics from Halloween 2010 in Japan. (It’s said that Japanese o-bon is similar to Halloween. It is a Buddhist event and is the period of praying for the repose of the souls of one’s ancestors. Japanese ghost story telling and kimo-dameshi (traditional Japanese bravery test) events, where people walk through creepy places, are often held in summer). But back to Halloween.

Obviously, costumes get way more involved from the Cosplay capitol of the world, as well as bento boxes, since crafty bento-makers can make food look like anything apparently. Also obvious, Kit Kat comes out with pumpkin-flavored candy, since they have every other flavor imaginable in Japan. As you can see, merchandising is just as intense as Halloween in the states, that’s probably pretty world-wide. And Japan has those lame buy-them-from-the drug store costumes too! Killer cowboy example below. But I do need to pick me up a pair of those kick-ass vans! Those are tight.

and a scared halloween babe, just for lolz

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