On the evening of June 29, Hatsune Miku performed at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, one of the many cities part of MIKU EXPO Summer 2018 US/Mexico tour. Before the show started, a crowd of ecstatic fans lined up and could not wait for the concert. There was a diversity of fans in the crowd, ranging from children to adults, all genders, and races, a rainbow of individuals; it was their adoration for Miku that brought them to the concert. The sold out concert clearly showed the popularity of Miku’s fanbase. Except for the Dallas and Austin shows, all others were sold out. However, MIKU EXPO will be touring in Europe in December 2018! (Click on the link for more info: http://mikuexpo.com/usamx2018/)


Los Angeles Concert Sold Out!
Fans cosplaying and dancing!
Long line for the concert!

When the doors opened, fans rushed inside to take their seats in the spacious auditorium, the majority carrying glow sticks. The stage darkened and the fog machine started, filling the stage with an atmosphere. The crowd began to roar. Neon light sticks were everywhere, as though there was a swarm of fireflies; it was a beautiful sight.

Bright glow sticks!

Curtains drew open, and there appeared Hatsune Miku on the hologram projection screen singing the first song of the evening. Hatsune Miku performed as well as other characters: Meiko, Kaito, Megurine Luka, Kagamine Len and Rin all performing on the projection screen during the course of the show. Below is the setlist of the songs performed by the characters mentioned.

As each new performer took the stage, the audience would switch the color of their glow sticks to reflect the character performing. For Hatsune Miku, green; Kaito, blue; Meiko, red; Megurine Luka, purple; Kagamine Len and Rin, yellow. The audience moved their glow sticks to the tempo of the music. When a mellow song played, everyone moved slowly back and forth, following the relaxed rhythm. Miku’s amazing live band played perfectly and incredibly in sync with the characters’ singing and dancing. The quality of the characters’ choreography was top-notch and complex, progressively better since the last time.

Hatsune Miku!
Kagamine Rin and Len!
Megurine Luka!

Towards the end of the performance, after the band played “The Last Song” for the evening, the crowd roared with enthusiasm, wanting an encore, and after what seemed like forever, Hatsune Miku gave a fabulous encore of four songs. When she was done, the concert was done, too. Everyone had a great time and left pleased and excited.

I stayed a little longer taking photos of cosplayers! As a first timer to a Hatsune Miku concert, I relished the experience and will jump at the next chance to see another one.

More cosplayers!

If you are in the Dallas of Austin and haven’t received a ticket for MIKU EXPO, it is not too late to try to experience one. Please click on the link to purchase your ticket: http://mikuexpo.com/usamx2018/

The remaining tour dates for MIKU EXPO Summer 2018:


  • Fri. July 6 – Dallas, TX; The Bomb Factory; Show: 8:00 pm, Door: 7:00 pm
  • Sun. July 8 – Austin, TX; H-E-B Center; Show: 8:00 pm, Door: 7:00 pm
  • Thu. July 12 – Washington DC; The Anthem; Show: 8:00 pm, Door: 6:30 pm
  • Sat. July 14 – New York, NY; Hammerstein Ballroom; Show: 8:00 pm, Door: 7:00 pm


  • Thu. July 19 – Mexico City; Pepsi Center WTC; Show: 8:00 pm, Door: 6:00 pm


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