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I’m surprised something like this didn’t already exist before.

Hello Kitty Kawaii Paradise, as it’s translated into English, recently opened up at the Venus Fort shopping complex in Odaiba, Japan.

It’s not really a “theme park” in the general sense of the phrase; there don’t seem to be any real rides like theme parks usually have; it seems more like a giant store, but maybe I’m missing something.

There are numerous theaters playing all sorts of Hello Kitty movies and cartoons, a pancake shop where you can eat pancakes with a Hello Kitty logo monogrammed onto the flapjack, and other sorts of sickly sweet fun stuff.

from New Launches

Check out this extensive article over at New Launches that highlights the theme park in exhaustive detail, and with a lot of great photographs as well.

Just when you thought there was enough HK stuff in the world, a theme park opens!

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