When you think of public restrooms at the park, don’t you imagine them being dirty and nasty? Well, the new type of public toilets is installed in two parks in Shibuya, Tokyo on August 5, 2020, and it has been attracting lots of attention from all over the world.

Why? Because this restroom is totally transparent! It’s colorful, transparent, and futuristic, and it almost looks like an art object. You might worry about privacy, but no worries! Once you go inside and lock the door, the see-through glass automatically frosts, so no one can see the inside when people are using the restroom. There are three rooms for women, men and gender-neutral.

This restroom was designed by an architect, Shigeru Ban. According to Nippon Foundation, this type of facility was installed so that residents can see how clean the restroom is and whether there’s anyone inside for safety reasons. At night, it lights up like a beautiful lantern.


Source: The Tokyo Toilet & J-Town Net Tokyo


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