So our friend Nex just sent this video over of her friend Alan Jr, a rapper from Southern California who is living in Togoshi-Ginza. Alan is just an awesome guy who is lovin life and sharing that love with everyone around him! His rap style is comedy-rap, and he describes his sounds as a mix between Insane Clown Posse and the Japanese band Rize. Alan became infatuated with Japanese culture in his first year of college when he found his now favorite band Rize and started up a friendship with a non-english speaking Japanese kid in his class. Take a look, and let Alan brighten your day with a little love from Togoshi. (and check out some of his tracks HERE)

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  1. Yo, this is Alan. Nex linked me to the page. Im glad you enjoyed my video. I got tons of random videos on my Youtube page if your interested. I got a ton of cool japanese friends, so most of the videos are pretty interesting.

    Thanks for the plug in the blog, its weird to think there are people out there who know of me when I dont know them. lol.


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