May 8, 2018. MIYAVI played at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles to kick of his U.S. portion of the “DAY2” World Tour 2018.


Even though it was a weeknight, a long line had formed outside the venue. It had been over a year since his last performance in LA, so fans seemed full of excitement to see what he had in store.

08:30 P.M. MIYAVI arrived onstage with the powerful song “Flashback.” With his silver hair and moto jacket, he completed the rock star persona. “So on it” and “In Crowd” followed.

MIYAVI proceeded to introduce his band members, and also discussed his current works. Many of the fans were anime fans as well, and so a loud cheering erupted when MIYAVI mentioned his role in the upcoming live-action movie BLEACH. MIYAVI also talked about the relaxing time he has had with his family in LA for the past few weeks, and called up his oldest daughter onto stage, introducing her as “today’s assistant.”

Last year, MIYAVI was appointed as an official Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). MIYAVI, who visits refugee camps around the world with a guitar in hand, spoke of his experiences in Lebanon, where he communicated with refugee children through music.

“Music may not be able to directly change the world. But music can change people, and people have the power to change the world.”

The guitarist also performed songs from his album “Fire Bird,” as well as “STRONG,” a collaboration with KREVA. The excitement never died down throughout the night, with MIYAVI aweing the audience with his unique “slap” guitar technique.

The encore began with “Youth of the Nation” and continued onto “What A Wonderful World,” pointing the microphone to the audience so that they could sing along. The fans seemed exhilarated, being able to hear a song that was a blast from the past. The night ended with “WHAT’S MY NAME? 2017.” His powerful stage proved to the Los Angeles crowd once again that MIYAVI indeed is the one and only “samurai guitarist.”

2018.05.08 SETLIST
01. Flashback
02. So On It
03. In Crowd
04. Bumps in the Night
05. Dim It
06. Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
07. Ain’t No Sunshine
08. Humble
09. Icon
10. Lemon
11. The Others
12. Long Nights
13. Fire Bird
14. Dancing With My Fingers
16. Day 1
17. Youth of the Nation
18. What A Wonderful World
19. Real?
20. WHAT’S MY NAME? 2017

Photos: Maya Kuraki

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