Powerpuff Girls Japanese Crossover

 The beloved American cartoon series, The Powerpuff Girls, is celebrating their 15th anniversary in Japan and Sega, Pizza Hut, and Cartoon Network Japan are all taking part.


Sega will be working with Japanese convenience store chain, LAWSON, where the Powerpuff Girls will be adorned with fuzzy ears and a tail (as if they weren’t cute enough already) to match LAWSON’s own mascot, Ponta. The girls and Ponta will be featured on a rubber keychain and to obtain one of these keychains, you have to accumulate points on your LAWSON loyalty card. You’ll need a total of 300 points and one point is worth one yen.


Pizza Hut is going to hold a lottery and distribute 50 sets of plushies consisting of the girls and Ponta. Cartoon Network Japan will hosting free cellphone wallpapers on their website.


It’s exciting to see an American series get so much attention in Japan for their anniversary. In America, an updated CGI special of the series called Powerpuff Girls Special Dance Pantsed has already premiered January 20th. I like the new designs of the girls but they aren’t as endearing as their original design. Their older designs were always strange compared to the ordinary townsfolk but in the new special their differences are much more apparent. Also, their differences used to be simpler as there were only changes in color, hair, and demeanor but now the differences are much more pronounced. The new designs are still cute but the episode had an excessive amount of bloom making it slightly hard to watch. It’s still nice to see a 15 year old cartoon series get this much love.


Source: RocketNews24, MSN Sankei News


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