Johnny & Associates announced on August 12th that Sou Matsushima will be resuming activities with Sexy Zone, after his 1 year 9 months long hiatus.

Sexy Zone is a 5 member male idol group under Johnny & Associates that debuted in 2011 with the single Sexy Zone. In November 2018, Matsushima was diagnosed with panic disorder, creating a need for him to take a hiatus until further notice. The group continued promotions as a 4-man group following Matsushima’s hiatus.

On the 12th, Sexy Zone released a video on their fanclub site announcing his return. Matsushima was greeted and applauded by his fellow members upon his official return. Matsushima stated, “During my hiatus, I have once again realized that the existence of my fans is what truly heals me… From now, I will do my best to perform my job, while working along with my own mental condition.” 

Although he has returned, Matsushima will not be fully participating in group activities yet as he plans to make a slow and steady comeback for his own well-being. 

The group recently released their first new-label single, under Johnny & Associates’ freshly created label Top J Records, titled RUN back in May. They were also scheduled for a nation-wide tour titled Sexy Zone POPxSTEP!? TOUR 2020, but the August shows were all cancelled due to the worsening conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Tokyo area.

Sexy Zone will be celebrating their 10 year debut anniversary as a full 5 member group next year.


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