Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work behind-the-scenes for your favorite animation production studio? It takes a huge team to create an anime series, ranging from animators, producers, voice actors, designers, and many more. SHIROBAKO characters have shown us their day-to-day experience on how an animation studio runs while pursuing what they love in the industry.



SHIROBAKO The Movie is set to be released in American theaters on August 10, 2021 and in Canadian theaters on August 16, 2021. The Japanese release of the film has been licensed by Eleven Arts and will include English subtitles.

Continuing four years after the events of the anime series, many significant changes have occurred in animation company Musashino Animation, and Aoi Miyamori is doing her best to keep the studio going. 

Aoi has worked hard through the years as a production assistant for Musashino Animation and in SHIROBAKO The Movie, she shines in a new role to manage a new theatrical animation project. With some familiar and new colleagues doing their best and her ambitious friends joining us again, she works her hardest to complete this project with only a few months to finish. 



Originally running in 2014, the anime series was produced by P.A. Works and directed by Tsutomu Mizushima, well-known for his work in Girls und Panzer and Genshiken Nidaime. The SHIROBAKO team also includes writer Michiko Yokote who has worked with director Mizushima before in xxxHolic. With famed music producer Shiro Hamaguchi experienced with working besides writer Yokote in Ah! My Goddess the Movie as well, this familiar team passionately brings us SHIROBAKO The Movie to show us what their own day-to-day life could look like.

Fans of SHIROBAKO have gotten to see the struggles of a studio trying to produce quality content and five girls trying to reach their dreams. The series has always been about how one can discover their motivation through struggles and the points of realism are simple, yet charming. Although there is a large cast, it never interferes with development between characters and their ability to grow in a workplace that strives in the realm of professionalism along with teamwork.  SHIROBAKO isn’t just a slice-of-life, it is a series that can inspire and drive a person to shine.

This newly animated film allows us to revisit the spark we remember from years ago. What’s wonderful about the movie is that there is a strong sense of familiarity and nostalgia as we watch the cast break through obstacles once again. It allows us to follow along the series as if it never ended at all. The movie becomes more of an extension of the original anime run instead of feeling like a separate standalone entity where fans can pick up where they left off. There is a gift to the writing of the movie where new viewers can quickly dive in and be introduced to the skeleton and process of the anime production industry naturally.

The most enjoyable part are the tones the movie ranges through; from serious moments and inspirational developments, viewers can follow along and feel the relation of those emotions with the characters. Even though there are stressors for our cast with the constant worry and weightiness behind the future of their studio, the moments of joy drawn out from the characters enhances the movie and delivers an uplifting atmosphere throughout the film. 

SHIROBAKO The Movie shows how the anime industry isn’t as simple as it seems, it focuses on how creators of the works we all love are driven and are able to continuously step forward from their struggles along the way with their passion to send us their message from behind-the scenes.



Tickets to the new sequel film can be found on Fathom Events for U.S. theaters and on Cineplex for Canadian viewers. No worries if you haven’t watched the anime series, there will be a special anime recap in the movie for everyone to enjoy and join in the life of hard work and passion with our shining characters.


Source: https://www.elevenarts.net

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