Hotel Amenity of the Day: The Washington Hotel in Akihabara, Tokyo, caters to a very specific type of clientele by offering a room equipped with fully-functional model railroad sets designed to resemble the surrounding area. The nightly rate is a cool $265, with rooms being booked out at least a month in advance.

The name of the room is “鉄道ルーム クハネ1304”(/Tetsudo room kuhane 1304, railroad room kuhane 1304.)   ”ku” implies a car with a driver’s seat , “ha” implies an ordinary car ,and “ne” implies a sleeping car. This name means “a room where you can enjoy staying  as an ordinary guestroom as well as  enjoying a railroad diorama. Which I never knew anyone wanted to do. Until now.

Of course, you have to bring your own toy cars to use on the track, unless you want to rent some from the hotel for an extra charge. What the hell? You put a model train track in the room and don’t even include the toy cars? Jesus christ. Well if you’re biting at the bit to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity, click here


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