The girls band SCANDAL released their new single “Take Me Out” on July 27!
Today, I’ll be writing a short review of the single, which sounds perfect for the summer.
(Special thanks to Tomo from Sony Music Entertainment Japan!)


Take Me Out (Lyrics: RINA, Music: MAMI)

My initial thought listening to this song was how perfect it matches the summer season, with its clean-cut sound. MAMI’s guitar sound is reminiscent of the recent surf rock resurgence, similar to the sounds of The Drums and Beach Fossils. However, the band introduces their own distinct sound during the chorus, with the signature harmony of the band members. The “PA-PA-RA PA-PA-PA-RA” part will certainly become a perfect opportunity for fans to join in at concerts. This song definitely brings out the lighter side of the band.

I want you (Lyrics: RINA, Music: RINA)

Contrary to the beach-esque sound of the prior song, “I want you” features a much more futuristic notion, making it almost like a dance tune. This song shows the “girly” side of the band, showing their cuter aspect. I have to say, I’m absolutely fascinated with the backing track, and I’m interested in how this song will transfer over to concerts.

“Take Me Out” may not be the first single I’d recommend to new listeners who mainly listen to J-Pop. However, for avid listeners of bands of the American indies scene, I believe “Take Me Out” and “I want you” will be perfect introductory songs into the Japanese music industry. Check it out!

iTunes Purchase: Take Me Out – Single
CDJapan Purchase: Take Me Out [Limited Edition]
Official Site: SCANDAL

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