URBANGARDE has announced a collaboration with popular Japanese photographer Yuki Aoyama, known internationally for his provocative “Schoolgirl Complex” photobook series. The special collection of photos and poems titled “Schoolgirl Trauma” combines the edgy view of the “trauma techno pop” music group with Aoyama’s fetish-focused work.


URBANGARDE leader Temma Matsunaga contributed writings and vocalist Yoko Hamasaki posed in “sailor fuku” schoolgirl outfits, ball-joint stockings, and multiple accessories to illustrate the writings through Aoyama’s lens. “Schoolgirl Trauma” will be available August 19, with a special pre-release event scheduled on August 5 at URBANGARDE’s two-man live show with famous Japanese comedian and singer Takashi Fujii, star of “Matthew’s Best Hit TV”, whose song “Oh My Juliet!” was produced by Tommy February6 and featured in the 2006 film Babel.

URBANGARDE has also announced the “2016 Short Goodbye” tour, featuring their first visit to Taiwan. The band will visit multiple regions of Japan throughout October and finish in Shibuya’s WWW live house on November 5.

October 2 (Sunday), Miyagi Prefecture HooK SENDAI
October 4 (Tuesday), Hokkaido COLONY
October 15 (Saturday), Fukuoka Prefecture LIVE HOUSE CB
October 16 (Sunday), Okayama Prefecture CRAZYMAMA KINGDOM
October 22 (Saturday), Aichi Prefecture HOLIDAY NEXT
October 23 (Sunday), Osaka LIVE SQUARE 2nd LINE
October 30 (Sunday), Taipei, Taiwan Tsukimiru Kimisofu
November 5 (Saturday), Tokyo WWW


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