Domino’s Pizza Japan is currently celebrating its 25th Anniversary, and is doing so with some interesting gimmicks.

Take this recent job listing for example: one of the restaurant chain’s stores in Japan is currently looking for a part-time work, but only one worker, and only for one hour.

The employee, who must be 18 or older, will be expected to do an hour’s worth of work in December for the equivalent of $31,030. No previous experience or education required.

That’s it. No experience, only an hour of work, and a pretty absurdly hefty paycheck.

I’d try to apply for the position myself, but I don’t live in Japan and I think I’m busy on that to-be-determined day in December, so oh well.

I hope whoever gets this gig has an extremely busy hour of pizza work, or else it’d be like Domino’s just GAVE the money away. ha!

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