Gudetama collaboration menu at Curry House has been extremely popular here in Los Angeles, but it seems like Gudetama is about to take over Sapporo, Hokkaido in Japan as well!

It is announced that “Gudetama GudeGude Cafe” will open at Sapporo Parco starting on 12/8 for a limited time! This cafe will be Hokkaido’s very first Gudetama collaboration cafe. They will serve fun dishes and drinks of Gudetama with snow or winter sports.

Both of “Be Lazy at Snow Dome Curry Rice ~with a Gudetama Original Cup~” and “Be Lazy at Snow Dome Parfait ~with a Gudetama Original Cup~” are covered with cotton candy, that you can melt them to enjoy changing the flavor of the dish!

“Sapporo Gude Festival Lazy Short Cake” is inspired by Sapporo’s famous event, Sapporo Snow Festival.

There is also a banana yogurt smoothie drink, “Gudetama Yogurt Smoothie” as well.

They also have a special shop inside of the cafe. Their special goods will feature gudetma in a snowy landscape and it’s very wintry.



Gudetama GudeGude Cafe Sapporo Parco

Date: 12/8/2017 ~ 2/19/2018

Place: THE GUEST cafe&diner at Sapporo Parco

Hours: 10am ~ 8pm (closes at 8:30pm only on Saturdays)

Source: Fashion Press





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