dragonball headphones 1GeekStuff4u has listed these neat Dragonball-inspired headphones on its website for sale. You can choose between one of two styles, but be warned, they’re a limited edition thing:

25 Years after, one of the most famous anime, Dragon Ball is still alive!
Get now these very rare headphones available in two flavors: The “Kame Type”, written with the Chinese character for Turtle, and the Dragon Ball Type featuring four stars, or Goku’s dragon ball.

dragonball headphones 2

Of course, Dragonball is the hugely popular manga series that has amassed numerous films, books, toys, and other merchandise avenues over the years. These foldable (yes!) headphones look cool, even though there isn’t any technical information about the headphones themselves and/or their quality. Still, they look cool.

Better go buy them now if you want them before they’re all gone…..

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