Hello Kitty Chocolate Christmas Cake DIY Recipe

hello-kitty-xmas-cake-theKKSshow-2Here’s another easy cake recipe to wrap up our holiday videos, Hello Kitty Chocolate Christmas Cake, taught to you by Hiromi! Similar to our previous Hatsune Miku Christmas Cake, this one is a bit easier and more versatile because you’re essentially making the chocolate piece rather than the whole cake. This will allow you to gift the chocolate however you like and whatever design you choose! For example, you can easily make some Valentine’s Day chocolates using the same techniques from the tutorial. Are you ready to learn?

Hello Kitty Chocolate Christmas Cake Instructional Video

As we’ve recently begun doing, we provide the text and picture tutorial as well! See below:


– Picture of Hello Kitty
– Assorted Wilton Chocolate Candy Melts
– Assorted Berries
– Christmas Decorations
– Sponge Cake
– Whipped Cream
– Syrup
– Metallic Dragées
– Baking Sheet or OPP Sheets

hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-1First, placed baking sheet or OPP sheet over an image of Hello Kitty. Then trace out the picture using a sharpie.

hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-2Afterward, place the traced image on top of a cardboard. Make sure the image is inverted!

hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-3Melt the dark chocolate using a microwave.

hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-4Using a piece of baking sheet or OPP sheet, roll it into a decorating pen and scoop melted chocolate in.

hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-5Tape up the big end and cut the tip. It should look like this!

hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-6 Now using the dark chocolate, outline the image of Hello Kitty.

hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-7Repeat the same steps to make decorating pens for pink, red, yellow, and white chocolate. Go ahead and color in the corresponding colors ONE AT A TIME! For example, color in the pink first and then leave it in the refrigerator for a minimum of 3 minutes. Then take it out and apply the red chocolate. Place in back in the refrigerator before applying the next color. So on, so forth. Do NOT apply the color chocolate all at once.

hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-8 hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-9 hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-10 hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-11Once everything is colored in, covered the entire image with white chocolate and place in the refrigerator

hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-12You can either buy whipped cream or you can make your own.

hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-13 hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-14Time to cut the sponge cake in half. First, shave off the top like so.

hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-15 hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-16Then cut in half.

hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-17On the first half, dab some syrup over the surface.

hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-18Add some whipped cream and smooth it out.

hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-19Next, add berries of your choice! We are using strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries.

hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-20Add an extra layer of whipped cream on top of the berries and smooth it out.

hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-21 hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-22Placed the 2nd half of the sponge cake on top and use a cardboard and press down to flatten the cake.

hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-23Again, dab some syrup on top of the cake.

hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-24Cover the entire cake with whipped cream.

hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-25 hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-26Once the cake is covered in whipped cream, take out the Hello Kitty Chocolate and place it on top of the cake.

hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-27 hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-28 hello-kitty-chocolate-christmas-cake-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-29Start decorating it however you like!


Tada! We’re done!hello-kitty-xmas-cake-theKKSshow-3

hello-kitty-xmas-cake-theKKSshow-4Just to show you how versatile the recipe is, we included Sanrio’s other characters: Kiki & Lala, My Melody, and Keroppi! We hoped you guys enjoyed it. As always, send us a picture of your creation via KawaiiKakkoiiSugoi@gmail.com or use the hashtags #theKKSshow or #KawaiiKakkoiiSugoi on your favorite social media! We will be back with another tutorial next year. Until then, Happy Holidays from theKKSshow! 🙂

P.S. We are pleased to announce we take custom orders in the U.S. as well! If you have a unique and simple character design that you would like us to make for you, please inquire us through KawaiiKakkoiiSugoi@gmail.com with the Subject “Custom Choco Order.” We will get back to you with the pricing and turnaround within 1 – 2 business days.

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