1) I saw that “WASUTA” is an abbreviation for “The World Standard.” What kind of activity do you do to become the world standard?

Hazuki: We heard that overseas concerts allow the audience to take photos and videos, so we encourage our fans to shoot us on their smartphones and share them online so that everyone in the world can view us! We’ve also worn the symbol of “kawaii”, nekomimi (cat ears), since our debut to introduce kawaii culture to the world!

Nanase: We post to our Facebook both in Japanese and English and each of us is learning different languages, too. Hazuki is studying Spanish, Miri is studying Chinese, and Nanase, Ririka, and Ruka are studying English.

Miri: We have been performing worldwide lately, and in order to express our feelings to our overseas fans directly, we’ve been studying foreign languages.


2) WASUTA is produced by a group of female creators including a Harajuku model, Kimura U. Kimura U is a popular model and designer here in Los Angeles, too. What do you like about collaborating with her the most?

Ruka: I’m so happy to see the minor details and character backgrounds for each costume from her design drawing.
My personal favorites are the costumes from “Yuumei ni, Nyaritai”.They’re inspired by various countries’ indigenous garb, and the shape of the skirt is unique and cute.



3) Congratulations on your current release, “The Legend of WASUTA!” Can you tell us about this mini album?

Miri: Thank you! This mini album is a “concept album” with a video game theme, so you can listen to our songs as if you’re playing a video game. There are also more solo parts compared to our previous albums, so we are happy that each of our voices will reach our fans.


4) Your new live show, “Kawaii Quest” is very unique! How is it different from the usual lives?

Nanase: It’s a video game themed live with plot, where WASUTA goes on an adventure and aims to clear the game! Our fans will be a part of the story, and they can decide the story option when we meet an obstacle. No one knows how this story goes… It’ll be a very exciting live! I want you to come at least twice! Haha



5) Currently, you sing for Pripara series such as “Idol Time PriPara” and “Kiratto Pri☆Chan.” What changed for WASUTA after you were appointed to sing for “Pripara”?Ririka: The biggest change is more anime fans got to know about WASUTA. If we didn’t sing for the “Pripara” series, they probably wouldn’t have known the existence of our group, so I’m very grateful for this opportunity.


6) You performed for the first time in North America at Anime North, and it was a great success! You have performed in Asia, Europe, and Canada so far, but what were you the most nervous about and what did you enjoy the most for oversea lives?

Hazuki: Since we are studying foreign languages right now, we sometimes MC in their languages. I’m always nervous wondering if our language skills are good enough for them to understand.
But everyone is very kind and tries to understand what we say, so that helps us a lot and we are very motivated to study even more! When we performed in Singapore, we had a live on a pro-wrestling ring for the first time, and it was so much fun!! There was a spring underneath the stage, so I jumped more than usual!


7) Which song do you recommend to your new fans who have never heard your songs before?

Hazuki: “Galbi (Girls, Be) Ambitious!” It’s a song about yakiniku, so I want you to listen to it with your friends at yakiniku or BBQ.

Nanase: “Kanzen’naru Idol”! WASUTA’s colorful and pop image becomes reversed in a good way. The MV is almost only monochrome, and you can see the dark kawaii WASUTA controlled by the evil! It’s gothic rock and super cool!

Miri: “Ultra Miracle-cle Final Ultimate Choco Beam.” I want you to check out the rapidly changing song tempo, super cool sound, and chaotic lyrics! It’s my favorite MV!

Ririka: “Inu Neko. Seishun Massakari”! It’s catchy and we have lots of choreography that we can dance with you! You can see Japan’s kawaii and WASUTA’s kawaii through this song!

Ruka: “Inu Neko. Seishun Massakari”! This is our signature song.



8) Lastly, you all are amazingly kawaii! What is your secret to stay kawaii?

Hazuki: Discover lots of kawaii things! Kawaii is universal, and I’m sure the definition of kawaii lies on each individual, so find your kawaii, take photos or wear anything kawaii! I think the moment when you interact with kawaii is your kawaii moment!!

Nanase: I’m an idol otaku, and I think my feelings of “I wanna look like her!” lead me to kawaii. I want to sparkle like my favorite idol!!

Miri: It’s because I receive confidence from our fan’s words!

Ririka: Sleeping a lot is important for your skin and health! And I always try to convince myself that I’m cute no matter how I feel.

Ruka: Have fun and stay healthy!



WASUTA – The Legend of WASUTA
New mini album out now worldwide!

MV “Mera Nyaizer!!!!!~kimi ni a ge u~”


WASUTA Official Website: http://wa-suta.world/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tws.WASUTA/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tws_staff
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/WASUTA.world/
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