I came across this article recently…it’s a month old but still pretty neat!

A brand-new, multi-level mall/retail complex opened in San Francisco, California last month. Called ‘New People‘, the complex is, according to the article, a $15 million, 20,000-square-foot project in a three-story building with a transparent glass facade that will reveal a taste of Tokyo’s giddy controlled chaos within.

The first floor is a retail store called New People, The Store which is an almost curated assemblage of goods including Fewmany’s collectible figures, Q-Pot jewelry, Giraffe neckties, stationery and ergonomic items for home and office, with many items available for the first time outside Japan.

Above that is a level stocked with all sorts of Harajuku brands and Japanese fashion brands selling various goods.

Above that , at the top of the building is The Superfrog Gallery, on the third floor, showcasing the work of artists inspired by Japanese pop culture.

Artists rendering of New People before it opened
Artist's rendering of New People before it opened

This new center/shop/mall sounds like it’s a pretty great thing for people interested in J-Pop and Japanese culture. I’m surprised something like this sprang up in San Francisco, since there is already Japantown and Chinatown, much like in other major cities.

New People sounds like a pretty exciting new place to check out if you visit San Francisco and wish to explore this sprawling new building catering to all things J-Pop. The influence of Japanese culture is pretty widespread, and will probably get wider and more popular as more and more people visit New People and become interested in the culture.

Check it out!

Here’s New People’s website, if you’re so inclined. 🙂

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