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Super-Cool Japan-only Nintendo perks 07.14.11

Japanese Nintendo fans sure are treated to a lot of super-cool products that most of the rest of the world misses out on. OC Weekly compiled a short list of some of these technological advances that Japanese gamers and Wii … READ MORE

http://www.kawaiikakkoiisugoi.com/wp-content/themes/kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi/timthumb/timthumb.php?h=225&w=300&src=cathys-house Welcome to Cathy’s House… 05.13.11

My life has just been changed upon viewing Cathy’s House. These are real people performing as dolls in a very colorful doll house, which, as you may have guessed, belongs to Cathy. The entire cast is female but the narrator … READ MORE

Hana Kimi’s Jupei Mizobata as Detective Conan 02.08.11

Actor Mizobata, Jupei stars in the leading role as Detective Conan! This will be the third live-action Detective Conan (prequel Case Closed) television special that will be featured sometime this APRIL! Mizobata is widely known for his roles in 81diver, … READ MORE

Domo, other mascots report from Vancouver for the Olympics 03.04.10

I didn’t watch much of the Winter Olympics, but I would have if this was broadcast here in the USA. The Japanese network NHK had some fun in the studio with Domo-kun and the Olympic mascots….check out this video, which … READ MORE

Playstation 3 becoming more than just a gaming console in Japan 01.14.10

Once again, the Japanese market gets cool gadgets before the USA does. As this article from Slashgear reports, Sony Japan has announced a digital television addition to the Playstation 3 that is set to be released in Japan in March. … READ MORE

Put kids in charge of a store, funny things happen 09.25.09

I found this at Japanprobe.com, another great video/little story they posted on their site a week or so ago. In this clip from Katakuri TV, Hanawa, a popular Japanese singer/comedian,  hands over control of a shop to his two sons, … READ MORE